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Countries Where sports betting is Illegal

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Sports betting is global, and many countries have legalized it, making it accessible to citizens and growing the betting populace. In fact, with online sports betting, it’s easy to bet anywhere and anytime with your phone. All you need to do is log in and go; the 20bet login is one of those easy processes.

However, some countries still outlaw sports betting, which means betting in these countries is a crime and doing so may come with penalties. You should know about these countries if you’re a traveler. Here’s a compilation of some of the countries where betting is illegal.


Qatar hosted the last World Cup and is remembered chiefly for the conditions it placed on people who came to see the event. Apart from this, it is a country with strict laws and restrictions on freedom. These laws also extend to sports betting but are not limited to just that; the government also restricts all types of gaming, including casinos and lotteries. However, some bettors often find ways to bet on foreign-based sites using VPN and making their connection untraceable. While this is possible, it is precarious, and those caught may be prosecuted. 

North Korea

North Korea

The country is known to be one of the strictest countries in the world with very absurd restrictions, so it’s not surprising that they have a limitation on betting and gambling. But tourists are allowed to gamble in the country as long as they’re accompanied throughout the trip. Also, there’s only one casino in North Korea, located in Pyongyang, which means you can only gamble publicly if you’re visiting this part of the country.


Japan is a less-strict country on gambling in general; recently, all forms of gambling were considered illegal. But there are still loopholes in the law that accommodate certain forms of gambling. For instance, Pachinko, which holds cultural and historical significance, was not considered a crime. 

Also, the government and the Japan Racing Association often overlook racetracks, and there are several legal off-track betting facilities for bettors. In 2016, the integrated resort programme law 2016 allowed land-based casino games. Japan has constantly made its rules flexible on gambling, but online gambling still has restrictions.



Like North Korea, Lebanon prohibits gambling and betting unless placed in Casino du Liban, located in Jounieh. Likewise, online gambling is only allowed at one online casino. Also, there is a common practice where gamblers are taken by a casino ship to international waters where gambling is allowed so they can gamble without fearing breaking the law.

Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia operates on Sharia law which restricts all forms of gambling, including sports betting. While there has been no known case of gamblers being prosecuted, the application of these laws are strictly adhered to, and there are authorities that monitor the traffic on websites and their website. A violation of this law may attract a sentence of about six months. 

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