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Beginners Intro To Esports Gaming and Betting

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Playing video games has been around for a while, but it has typically been done for leisure or as a way to kill time. Technological advancements have led to smoother, better, and more responsive gaming graphics. For this reason, video games are now played more competitively, with different sports and adventure games organizing leagues and tournaments on a frequent basis. 

Esports betting means placing wagers on any competitive video game, whether in the sports, action, or adventure category. For the sports category, betting on its events is quite similar to that of traditional sports betting. They both have the same events and markets, but Esports are much more limited than traditional sports. Furthermore, in Esports betting, you are basically putting your faith in the expertise of an individual or a team. Also, the players are not playing against a computer but rather against teams or individuals. 

Many bookmakers offer the option of betting on Esports tournaments on their platforms, which are frequently organized and draw large numbers of fans. Therefore, with your 22Bet login details, you can gain access to a vast selection of Esports wagering options. 

Popular Esports Games For Betting 

As we said earlier, the Esports betting sphere is quite massive due to the different categories of games in the industry.   

Sports Games Betting

Sports Games Betting

Each sport has a unique collection of tournaments, making this the broadest category of Esports betting. Therefore, you have online tournaments for top traditional sports like soccer and basketball. For soccer, the most common Esports betting event is FIFA, while for basketball are NBA 2K tournaments.

FIFA is the most common game with tournaments being held all year round with lots of experienced players. Also, with the help of the game Madden, NFL fans can partake in the Esports betting industry.

Strategy and Battle Based Games

Strategy-based games are also a category of the Esports betting industry. Starcraft II and Dota 2 are all part of the diverse options you can find on online betting platforms that allow Esports betting. Also, league of legends is another popular battle-based game you can place bets on.

Fighting Games

Fans of fast-paced action games are also not left out when it comes to Esports betting. Games like Tekken, and Call of duty are also part of the wagering options. 

Esports Bet Types

Esports Bet Types

All the categories of sports betting have betting types specific to them. The sports category market might be easy to grasp due to its similarity with traditional sport bet types. However, the other categories’ bet types need little explanation. Therefore, these are the main betting markets for Esports betting.

  • Outright winner: It means you are placing a bet on the winner of that particular duel or tournament. 
  • Over/Under Bet: Similar to both Esports and traditional sports betting. Common in wagering on games like FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden.

First Blood: This means you are betting on the team or individual who has the first kill of the game. It is common to the strategy and fighting game category.

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